DC Panther Spotlight: Eric Trujillo

July 12, 2013

As the summer continues to roll on, we are witnessing the incredible impact that our DC Panther Interns are having across our nation's capitol and in particular, those working in federal government agencies. The federal government is a critical partner in fulfilling the priorities that FIU in DC has set. From the continued operation of the Aquarius Reef Base, to advocated for increased funding for Pell Grants, federal agencies and FIU have been working together to advocate for the betterment of our students.

One of our most exciting interns here in Washington is Eric Trujillo. Eric is a senior at FIU and majoring in Computer Engineering. He is currently working at the United States Patent Office is Washington. His job mainly consists of analyzing patent applications and checking them with existing products.


Watch Eric introduce himself here.

"If someone comes to me and says 'Hey I have a great idea for product with four wooden legs and a seat,' I would have to say 'Sorry that exists already, and it's called a chair'. So on the most simplistic level, I make sure that new inventions don't infringe on existing patents."

Eric describes his position and most of the work done by the United States Patent Office as a fusion of engineering and law. He believes that with the rise of technology, the rate of patents being filed, along with complex regulation, the legal community and the technology/engineering realms are rapidly converging in a variety of sectors and occupations.

Eric is just one example of a DC Panther doing great things in an federal agency and truly being "Worlds Ahead". If you would like to contact Eric, his email address is