Members of the DC Capital Panthers, FIU’s largest Alumni Chapter outside of Florida, gather at the annual picnic.

As our FIU alumni know, Washington can be an exciting and vibrant place to live and work. The FIU in DC Alumni Chapter, in collaboration with FIU’s Washington, D.C. office, want to make sure that our students get the most out of their experience during their summer here, while giving you an opportunity to give back in a meaningful way.

One of the ways we believe that we can accomplish this is by connecting them with dedicated and successful alumni like yourself. Although the skills they will learn in their internship will surely help them in their endeavors, it is the relationships that they develop that will prove most valuable to position them to succeed.

This summer we would like to create opportunities for alumni to meet with our cohort of student interns, as a group or individually, so that they may benefit from your own experience and guidance. Your first-hand insight will undoubtedly educate them and serve as motivation, regardless of their career paths.

Time commitment is flexible. You may wish to visit with a group of students once a year, or you may wish to serve as a mentor in a more regular capacity. You let us know!

Engaged alumni can also be a powerful resource in creating opportunities for our students to expand their professional horizons. If you know of any federal or DC-based internship opportunities, or key contacts that we can work together to cultivate these relationships, please share them with us!

Demonstrating to our students that there is an extensive network of FIU alumni willing to help them achieve their goals is one of the most important and direct forms of value they can receive from an FIU degree. With your support, FIU will continue to be Worlds Ahead.

If you are interested in serving as a mentor to our students, please contact the Washington, D.C. office at 202-558-3481, send an e-mail to or complete this brief form.