Faculty & Staff

Engaged faculty and staff can be of help in identifying students that have been selected for internships in Washington, D.C., as we seek to add value to their internship experience and bolster our relationships with key federal agencies while engaging key alumni in the region.

To help identify students who may be working this Summer in Washington, D.C., please email us at We also encourage you to have the students complete a profile similar to the ones found in our Current Interns page and send it to so that we can add their information to the page.

You can also be a powerful resource in helping create opportunities for our students to expand their professional horizons. If you know of any DC-based internship opportunities, or key federal contacts that can work together to cultivate, please share them with us. As many know, Washington, D.C. can be an exciting and vibrant place to be during the summer. It is also a place where careers and causes take unexpected paths based on the power of relationships. Join us today in helping position our students for success and advancing FIU’s priorities.