DC Summer Internship Experience

DC Summer

Each summer many of our best and brightest arrive in the Nation's capital to pursue their dreams on Capitol Hill, at federal agencies or in the non-profit and private sectors.

Who better than these ambassadors to share how we are World’s Ahead and help advance FIU’s federal agenda?

Your Governmental Relations team, working with the Offices of Engagement, Undergraduate Education, Career Services and the FIU in DC Alumni Chapter will engage with these students and create opportunities for students to learn more of the federal policy arena and include them as valuable partners of our team.

Advancing our federal agency and research priorities in Washington, D.C. involves building exposure, fostering relationships and strengthening our reputation at many of the key agencies that host our student interns

And by introducing these students to our DC Capital Panthers alumni network and fostering mentorship, we will help build our student’s professional network while we motivate alumni to give back and advocate for their alma mater.






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