State Priorities

2017 State Legislative Priorities


FIU will expand the UP:LIFT (University Paradigm: Learn, Interact, Facilitate, Transform) initiative that is deploying state of the art evidence-based instruction, learning technologies, and advanced classroom assessment throughout critical Gateway and STEM courses. The critical Gateway courses are high enrollment, foundational courses that have been found to have high failure rates and/or are predictors of students leaving college.

Recurring Funds Requested:                         $4,195,314

Non-Recurring Funds Requested: $   800,000

Total Funds Requested:                                 $4,995,314


StartUP FIU is an initiative aimed at harnessing, encouraging and supporting the multitude of entrepreneurial activities at Florida International University. This initiative reflects a university, regional and state, emphasis on job creation, workforce development and post degree employment.

Recurring Funds Requested:                         $4,747,120

Non-Recurring Funds Requested: $1,355,000

Total Funds Requested:                                 $6,102,120

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Hazardous Substance Mitigation

In 2013, FIU entered into an innovative partnership with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines after undergoing a competitive solicitation.  As part of the partnership, RCL repurposed existing obsolete student housing at BBC that was scheduled for demolition for performer housing.  The existing housing had over $12 million in code and building deficiencies along with $2.5 million in required amenity improvements.  The repurposing required an investment of approximately $7 million by RCL and saved FIU over $2 million in demolition costs.  Because of the current condition of the BBC housing, FIU agreed to use commercially reasonable efforts to seek and obtain the necessary funding from the Florida Legislature to pay for the cost of any legally required remediation of hazardous substances or materials and/or the cure of any applicable laws as part of the housing license agreement with RCL.

Recurring Funds Requested:                        

Non-Recurring Funds Requested: $2,500,000

Total Funds Requested:                                 $2,500,000

Population Health Sciences Research Collaborative

The Colleges of Medicine at UCF and FIU are submitting these Legislative Budget Requests, in close collaboration, to support an integrated Population Health Sciences Research Collaborative. The two programs will work across diverse urban communities, both separately and in joint projects, to:

  • implement and assess clinical interventions and practice improvements in community health and health care, using actionable health care data and analytics 
  • share and implement, through community partners, standardized approaches and interventions in clinical care, care coordination, practice operations, and community-based health improvements including addressing social determinants of health
  • develop projects utilizing a variety of data-driven, patient-centered programs in diverse populations
  • share resulting data on outcomes and best practices 
  • disseminate results through publications, educational programs, and sharing of best practices
  • partner in multidisciplinary grant-funded projects focused on the individual and common needs of the diverse communities they each support

Recurring Funds Requested:                         $2,000,000

Non-Recurring Funds Requested:

Total Funds Requested:                                 $2,000,000

Fixed Capital Outlay Funding Requests

1.      FIU Strategic Land Acquisition - $20 Million

Funds are to be spent for the acquisition of 64 acres adjacent to the main campus (MMC) of FIU.  FIU, Miami Dade County and Miami Dade County Fair and Expo have been working together since 2010 to develop FIU expansion and Fair relocation plans.

2.      SIPA Building Phase 2 - $15 Million

This project, which will be 50 percent funded by the $15 million gift from the Green Family Foundation, will house International Studies and affiliated faculty and students which were unable to be included in the phase I project. The building will provide a striking physical symbol of the international dimension of the University’s mission and identity which is compatible with and complementary to the phase I building design. It will provide a state of the art venue for the many activities, classes, lectures, workshops, performances, conferences, and faculty and graduate student research that constitute the agendas of its occupants.

3.      Engineering Center Expansion - $3.5 Million

FIU is working with industry leaders to expand its College of Engineering and Computing to meet the needs of the 21st century economy. The expansion will include a $150 million 225,000-square-foot complex located on an expanded Modesto A. Maidique Campus.