2022 Legislative Priorities  

Each year FIU sets legislative priorities based on the needs and trajectory of our university. Below you will find the legislative priorities for 2022. 

Public Education Capital Outlay (PECO) Requests

  • Honors College Building- $10 Million
  • Engineering Building Phase II - $10.5 Million

FIUnique - $3.5 Million

FIU seeks to preserve funding for the FIUnique program. FIUnique is a multipronged program focused on post-secondary education, health, and life skills development and overall functioning for young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), intellectual disabilities (ID), and other neurodevelopmental disorders (OND). FIUnique has the mission of being at the leading edge of research, education, and comprehensive approaches to the success of young adult populations with mental health issues. It also serves former foster care and homeless students.

Green Family NeighborhoodHELP Program - $2.5 Million

FIU seeks to preserve funding for the Green Family NeighborhoodHELP Program. NeighborhoodHELP is the platform for the FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine community-engaged mission which emphasizes social accountability and interprofessional household-centered care.

Through this program, medical students are immersed in the community as members of interprofessional teams, which include nursing, social work, and physician assistant students, with education and law students available per each household’s identified needs. NeighborhoodHELP has incorporated four mobile health centers that provide a broad range of integrated primary, preventive, behavioral health services, and chronic disease management for household members. The Linda Fenner 3D Mobile Mammography Center provides breast health screenings for underserved women throughout Miami-Dade County.

Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model –  $1.0 Million

FIU seeks to preserve funding for the Hurricane Loss Model program. The Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model (FPHLM) is a hurricane catastrophe model developed by a multi-disciplinary team of experts in the fields of meteorology, wind and structural engineering, computer science, GIS, statistics, finance, and actuarial science.

The model consists of three major components: wind hazard (meteorology), vulnerability (engineering), and insured loss cost (actuarial). It has over a dozen sub-components. The computer platform is designed to accommodate future hookups of additional sub-components or enhancements.

The FPHLM estimates loss costs and probable maximum loss levels from hurricane events for personal lines and commercial lines of residential property. The losses are estimated for building, appurtenant structure, contents, and additional living expenses.

Reauthorization of the Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program Statute –  $700,000

FIU seeks the Reauthorization of the Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program Statute authorizing funding for the Wall of Wind. This amount is approx. $700,000 per year.

Other Projects

  • FIU – Program of Distinction in Environmental Resilience
  • FIU – Nurse Educator and Nursing Program Enhancement
  • FIU – CLIA Laboratory for Functional Drug Testing to Individualize Cancer Treatments
  • FIU – Law Path to the Legal Profession Pre-Law Program
  • FIU – Nursing Sexual Assault Exam Center
  • FIU – Institute of Environment, Law and Economics